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10 Reasons to get an ICOR certification

  1. Demonstrate your commitment to the profession. When you are certified, you demonstrate commitment to the profession and the ability to perform your duties in the Critical Mission area.

  2. Get recognition for your knowledge, skills and abilities. ICOR certification is an impartial endorsement of your knowledge and professional experience, with international recognition.

  3. Demonstrate excellence in your area of ​​expertise, by meeting the minimum requirements expected for Mission Critical professionals.

  4. Thrive professionally. Certificates can be a differential in new professional opportunities.

  5. Enable yourself to new career opportunities. The certification identifies professionals who demonstrate competence in the Mission Critical processes and their predisposition to assume greater responsibilities in their careers.

  6. Invest in yourself. The credential denotes his vision of self-management of professional development.

  7. Improve your skills and knowledge. Preparation for certification requires study and review of Mission Critical processes. Earning a credential shows your knowledge, competence and proficiency in your practice.

  8. Build self-confidence. With the certification you define yourself as a professional safe from your ability, thus bringing a great sense of personal satisfaction.

  9. Get peer recognition. Holders of an ICOR credential experience spontaneous recognition in their area of ​​expertise.

  10. Develop in the profession. ICOR's certification programs promote and support the continuous professional development of professionals.

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